Monday, May 10, 2010

Exam trips!

Heard of business trips, holiday trips etc etc….? Ever heard of exam trips??Thanks to the prestigious institutions like AIIMS n PGI, combination of the ever-serious PG entrance exam and a jovial trip to another city with friends are happening….Just completed the first of them on 9th where I had AIIMS PG ENTRANCE EXAM in chennai….

The atmosphere at the railway station on 8th morning when v left was amazing…am sure more than 2/3rd of the train was occupied with AIIMS aspirants in groups….that being just one train from one city, I kept imagining how many ppl had to travel to different cities to write the exam which had as few seats as around a 100!! there were serious discussions going on in the train about the exam with ppl studying big books in the train while we chatted for 5-6 hrs without even uttering the word ‘exam’….:)probably the seriousness ‘ll come for us in the upcoming trips…

A visit to a temple in the evening before the exam, a visit after the exam and a visit to the beachside even after people warning us about the tsunami scare from Indonesia comprised the prime part of the trip…Sweating out in the hot Chennai weather, v managed to travel only in the buses n trains like local boys including jammy n ravi who didn’t even know the local language!!

Met one fellow from salem who happened to miss the exam just because his train reached Chennai late n his centre was in iit madras where he reached at 10.30 only to be sent back by the aims ppl even after he begged them to allow him to write the exam!! What a plight!!

Overall v enjoyed the trip….more than the exam…which had such a high number of repeats that it makes the cut-off obviously high n our chances miniscule :) So as far as AIIMS is concerned….no….not this time!!

Next one….just a week from now…trip to Chandigarh to write the tougher PGI exam on 23rd!! Hope the exam to be as good as the trip!!



  1. cool blog da...nice and simple writeup of your 2 days trip!! :)
    But u r so confident of this line?? "So as far as AIIMS is concerned….no….not this time!!" huh??

  2. Hey you guys are off again tomo na,all the best!:)