Monday, May 10, 2010

Exam trips!

Heard of business trips, holiday trips etc etc….? Ever heard of exam trips??Thanks to the prestigious institutions like AIIMS n PGI, combination of the ever-serious PG entrance exam and a jovial trip to another city with friends are happening….Just completed the first of them on 9th where I had AIIMS PG ENTRANCE EXAM in chennai….

The atmosphere at the railway station on 8th morning when v left was amazing…am sure more than 2/3rd of the train was occupied with AIIMS aspirants in groups….that being just one train from one city, I kept imagining how many ppl had to travel to different cities to write the exam which had as few seats as around a 100!! there were serious discussions going on in the train about the exam with ppl studying big books in the train while we chatted for 5-6 hrs without even uttering the word ‘exam’….:)probably the seriousness ‘ll come for us in the upcoming trips…

A visit to a temple in the evening before the exam, a visit after the exam and a visit to the beachside even after people warning us about the tsunami scare from Indonesia comprised the prime part of the trip…Sweating out in the hot Chennai weather, v managed to travel only in the buses n trains like local boys including jammy n ravi who didn’t even know the local language!!

Met one fellow from salem who happened to miss the exam just because his train reached Chennai late n his centre was in iit madras where he reached at 10.30 only to be sent back by the aims ppl even after he begged them to allow him to write the exam!! What a plight!!

Overall v enjoyed the trip….more than the exam…which had such a high number of repeats that it makes the cut-off obviously high n our chances miniscule :) So as far as AIIMS is concerned….no….not this time!!

Next one….just a week from now…trip to Chandigarh to write the tougher PGI exam on 23rd!! Hope the exam to be as good as the trip!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life of an Intern

Entering Internship after clearing the final MBBS was like a dream waiting to come true during those 4 n a half yrs….After all the hard work, getting to put the stethoscope around ur neck n walking along the corridors of the hospital when someone calls u “DOCTOR” from behind….sounds really nice!!but that’s all which is nice about internship…

March - Walking in the OBG wards on the first day…doing a night duty there on the second….searching for postnatal woman in postnatal ward only to find her in gynaec ward…filling investigation forms…checking bp’s..writing afternoon notes…posted in srirampura for the periphery postings…gave my first individual prescriptions in the opd…nothing more than diclo,pct n cpm….:)

April – Pediatrics was hectic….8-9 duties in the month….all 36 hrs….sleeping on the 5 foot sofa in the breastfeeding room in new hospital picu….rounds with dr.maiya was the only good part of it…

May – Back to OBG…same old story…ya forgot to mention about running to the lab to collect reports of the investigations….running around searching for murnal to get free n 50% concession signatures…Was sent to Chennai to attend the Ethicon Suturing workshop with ramu n nivedita….learnt a lot there!!

June – Orthopedics unit 2…those who know about it ‘ll realize about the ilizarovs n the dressings….stood long hours in ot holding the patients limb assisting dr.shah in ilizarov surgeries n went back to ward to the dressings of the same…duties were really good working with good pgs n learnt suturing wounds in casualty…

July – Off to Kaiwara for the rural postings….staying away from home for a month…getting up at 8-9…sitting in opd at phc…going for field work…eating bhatta’s food… trekking…started reading for the PG entrance sincerely with some group discussions….was fun..

Aug – Urban postings at the MK nagar health centre….trying to dispose off the medications due to get expired that month to the same old singh n tamilian families….hard kaur, nand kaur, harbhajan singh, akmalunnisa, n many more……i can start off a clinic in that area knowing so many people..

Sep – Medicine brought new work…taking patients to new hospital to get CT scan done…write notes on n on…..getting psyched up talking to psychiatry patients…went to old age homes as a part of the Joy of Giving week…worst of all was to listen the sisters say ” sir…aayamma is not there…so please do this job”:)

Oct – A n E…working for 12 hours a day…was very hectic…seeing patients with cold n cough at 3 in the night….gang-war case at 2 am with rowdies involved n calling the sadashivnagar police to help us n take them away…..convincing the patients attenders the need of ICU care for low platelets….asking them to take them to another hospital…getting blasted from them…n then chilling out in ophthal for the next 15 days asking patients to read out snellens chart n putting eyedrops in drops duties….

Nov – Back to medicine again….same old work....only change was working with new n better pgs…

Dec – Working in Plastic surgery…assisting most of the cases mopping n cauterizing n seeing how subtly they handle the skin n the soft tissue…nice experience!! Did night duty in surgery on the 31st…cutting cake in the parking lot to welcome the new yr 2010…was the first time ever I celebrated a new year :)

January – Dermat and Ent…nothing much about the depts….entrance exam time…back to serious studying after quite some time!!

February – working in the new block of MSR teaching hospital in OT in anaesthesia postings…giving spinals,intubations,i.v lines….Internship is about to end in another 2 weeks and looking back into it, I wonder if internship itself is all about managing being a ward boy, ot boy, attender, sister, brother n all apart from being a DOCTOR or only if I managed to do it that way!!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Those 66 months!!!

Thought it would be nice to relive my recent past in writing my first BLOG…

Most significant event to start with must be the great common entrance test I wrote in 2004…nothing so great about the test, nor the a decent rank of 237 n thought ‘ll get a medical seat easily..but then due to the unwanted drama at the time of counseling, had to juggle from medicine to engg n back to medicine….shifting places from jnmc belgaum to pesit blore to jss mysore to finally land in MSRMC blore..

Come oct 2004 n I started to do my dream course of MBBS…warm welcome from the aroma of the dissection hall, 18 of us sat for 2 weeks just staring at the decapitated cadaver…then started to dissect however v were told to…copied all histology diagrams from raksha’s record n still got a rewrite tag from ambedkar lavanya badami….) Time to prick ourselves to count how many rbc’s or eosinophils v have got in our blood during physiology practical classes….probably the only dept where anyone’ll be asked to remove his shirt to allow fellow batchmates to learn to examine various systems….so embarrassing those classes were!!!n then there was biochem practical classes…stand in a Q at the toilet to collect ur urine samples to examine if there was any sugar in it….somehow managed the whole of first year reading anatomy, cleared the other two subjects also though..

Entered second year…start of the clinics n the first patient interaction…few thought v were doctors already but many knew the truth…off to kaiwara for 10 days to interact with the community in COP…was a good experience!!enjoyed reading those big books for patho n pharmac….n did revision on the bike while riding back home with swami….) Practicals were different from first yr…looking into the microscope for hours in patho n tutoring prakasha with whom I shared the instrument with….preparing ointments n syrups in pharmac…putting eyedrops into rabbit’s eyes…never touched the guinea pig I had to inject medications…god knows what I would have done if I had got that in the exam…looking for ova n cysts in someone’s stools in micro….n hours of dozing off at the forensic lab…

Btw, for the old drama to continue our princi raised our fee to 1.5 lakhs in the midst of the 2nd yr…with the famous ‘piggy-back’ dialogue of his….had to run around justice[forgot his name]in the education board n get it all set right….was like kind of paid leave for us…got free attendance in the name of it!

Third year was cool….enjoyed my first orthopedics postings…drew mosquitoes n houseflies in commed record….brought back the mathematician in me while doing statistics problems…total timepass in ophthal n ent…best part of all was to top my batch in the 3rd yr exams n in ENT….Cool:)

N then there was the best trip of my life so far…to tirupati with rohit,swami,badri n jayant in innova during the holidays before entering final yr…

Finally into final yr, almost did nothing but studying the great books….enjoyed them actually…there was a disastrous disaster management drill for a break in between…started behaving like doctors in clinics…n finally became a DOCTOR by clearing exams decently….

All thro the years, what I didn’t mention was spending most of the time with my best buddies in the lecture hours…rohit drawing cartoons of lecturers n ourselves, badri sleeping most of the time, me n swami discussing….was fun….

I think it’s a good start for my diary covering over the past 66 months [looks shorter than 5 n a half yrs]….oh internship is pending n ‘ll blog the next time…that’s like a megaserial…